Top Heart Hospitals In Arizona

From sudden heart attacks to complex surgery, Arizona cardiology teams provide some of the nation’s foremost care for any heart condition. Advanced treatments, pioneering research, and collaborative approaches place the state’s top facilities among the best heart hospitals year after year. This article will show Arizona’s first-class heart centers based on survival rate data, patient satisfaction scores, areas of specialty excellence, and adoption of the latest minimally invasive heart procedures across adults and pediatrics. Read on to discover the top heart hospitals in Arizona to trust with your cardiovascular health.

Arizona may fly under the national radar when it comes to premier heart care centers. However, a select group of cutting-edge facilities provide world-class cardiovascular treatment right in the heart of the Southwest. Whether you face heart surgery, vascular repair, arrhythmia management, or simply seek top-tier wellness resources to sustain long-term health, a handful of Arizona heart hospitals deliver exceptional care on par with any of the nation’s most acclaimed institutions.

Leading the pack, Banner–University Medical Center Phoenix stands at the forefront not just for the state but the entire country thanks to its advanced Heart Institute specializing in complex procedures. Meanwhile, Abrazo Heart Hospital, Phoenix Heart Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Medical Center, along with Mayo Clinic’s state-of-the-art cardiology program, all provide targeted expertise catering to specific cardiac diagnoses. Together, these distinguished centers of excellence offer hope, healing, and the best odds of complete recovery for Arizona residents. Discover how their integration of research, cutting-edge tools, customized treatment plans, and compassionate support resources earn repeating national honors.

Top Heart Hospitals In Arizona

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix

As Arizona’s highest-rated cardiac care center, Banner–University Medical Center Phoenix stands at the pinnacle of heart health. The facility garners honors such as a distinguished 3-star rating from The Society for Thoracic Surgeons for patient outcomes including:

● Number 1 heart transplant center in Arizona

● 91% cardiac surgery patient survival rate

● Over 95% bypass surgery success rate

Such exceptional results stem from Banner’s position as a major heart hospital hub. The Advanced Heart Institute provides:

● Over 200 cardiovascular physicians and specialists

● 5-Star rated cardiac intensive care unit

● Cutting-edge diagnostics via PET/CT imaging, 3D echocardiograms, cardiac MRI

● Robotic and minimally invasive valve surgery

● Investigational medical trials for emerging heart treatments

Additionally, Banner’s Heart Institute excels in complex procedures like aortic dissection repairs not widely available. Combined with ample healthy heart resources like nutrition counseling and cardiac rehab, the hospital delivers complete, compassionate care.

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

With a tie for Arizona’s #2 cardiology and heart surgery rating from U.S. News, St. Joseph’s Hospital also warrants consideration for top-level treatment in metro Phoenix. Its specialty cardiac services include advanced heart attack care featuring:

● Average heart attack patient treatment time under 60 minutes

● Over 90% survival rate for the most severe heart attacks

● Cardiac catheterization labs open 24/7 for rapid response

● Expertise in complex stent placements and angioplasties

● Ground and air ambulance emergency teams

Beyond immediate cardiac arrest response, St. Joseph’s provides comprehensive heart wellness. That spans center specialties in heart transplants, ventricular assist devices, electrophysiology, and cardiac imaging. Patients also benefit from coordinating care teams, community education, and wellness resources for sustaining heart health long-term.

Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix

The Mayo Clinic earns its renown for cardiology as much as any other specialty, and Mayo Hospital Phoenix extends this top-tier care to local patients. As Arizona’s #1 hospital overall, its cardiology and cardiovascular surgery program follows suit with highlights including:

● 80+ heart specialists across cardiology, surgery, electrophysiology

● Over 10,000 cardiac catheterization procedures annually

● Top 1% in the nation for cardiology services and heart surgery

● 5-Star rated cardiac intensive care unit

● Cutting-edge heart diagnostics and imaging tools

Mayo’s cardiac services also emphasize research, publishing insights on emerging treatments from minimally invasive procedures to advanced medications. Additionally, the heart program prioritizes holistic wellness via nutrition, spiritual, and mental health resources alongside medical expertise.

Abrazo Heart Hospital

Founded in 1998, Abrazo Heart Hospital specializes in cardiovascular care including heart surgery, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and cardiac imaging. As part of the larger Abrazo health network, the hospital provides complete, patient-focused cardiology services from initial diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and wellness.

Areas of Excellence:

  • The hospital features hybrid operating rooms integrating cutting-edge surgical and endovascular tools to perform open heart and minimally invasive vascular procedures simultaneously. This propels efficiency and optimizes outcomes.
  • Abrazo’s interventional cardiology program offers 24/7 emergency response to heart attacks and blockages with expert specialists in complex stents and angioplasties.
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons utilize advanced technologies like robotic navigation for precision in complex valve repairs, bypass surgeries, aneurysm treatment, and more.
  • As part of its cardiovascular wellness focus, Abrazo provides an extensive cardiac rehab clinic with gym, education, nutrition planning, and stress reduction.


  • Newsweek identified Abrazo as one of the nation’s top heart hospitals for achieving outstanding patient outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Abrazo ranks as Phoenix’s #1 hospital for cardiology and heart surgery by CareChex and Arizona’s Top 100 list.

By integrating cutting-edge capabilities with compassionate, personalized support throughout the care journey, Abrazo Heart Hospital delivers hope and healing to patients facing cardiac conditions.

Phoenix Heart Center

Founded in 2004, Phoenix Heart Center provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for heart rhythm disorders including atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, ventricular tachycardia, and more. A team of five cardiac electrophysiologists leverages the latest minimally invasive technologies to treat rhythm abnormalities while minimizing risk and discomfort.

Areas of Excellence:

  • The center offers several advanced mapping and ablation therapies including 3D mapping of the heart’s electrical pathways to pinpoint arrhythmia origins for targeted treatment.
  • For patients requiring pacemakers or defibrillators, Phoenix Heart physicians provide complete device implantation and ongoing remote monitoring.
  • The program participates in clinical trials of emerging technologies seeking to improve arrhythmia detection and refine ablation techniques.
  • Phoenix Heart also engages in community partnerships to increase awareness and education surrounding cardiac EP disorders and treatment options.


  • Several Phoenix Heart electrophysiologists rank among Castle Connolly’s elite Top Doctors listings for their pioneering work in cardiac ablation innovations.
  • The program won distinction as an EPS Innovation Center by St. Jude Medical for its role in advancing electrophysiology practices.

By combining subspecialty expertise with a patient-first approach, Phoenix Heart Center established itself as a preferred destination for heart rhythm care across Arizona.

How Top Heart Hospitals in Arizona Are Evaluated

When evaluating top heart hospitals in Arizona, analysts and organizations consider various factors and quality metrics including:

Accreditations & Certifications

  • Chest Pain Center accreditation by the American College of Cardiology
  • Certified Cardiac Cath Labs, EP Labs, and Heart Failure programs
  • Recognitions like Thomson Reuters 100 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals

Clinical Outcomes & Survival Rates

  • 30-day mortality rates for heart attacks, heart failure, and heart procedures
  • Heart attack patient complication rates
  • Coronary bypass surgery survival rates
  • Readmission rates after heart procedures or medical conditions

Technologies & Research Access

  • Availability of hybrid ORs, advanced imaging, telehealth
  • Minimally invasive surgical capabilities
  • Enrollment in the latest clinical trials

Patient Care & Experience

  • Average wait times for appointments, ER visits, heart procedures
  • Staffing levels, training, and cardiovascular specializations
  • Patient education, support groups, satisfaction surveys

When combined, these quality indicators highlight which facilities have the infrastructure, clinical expertise, research access, proven outcomes, and patient-centered compassion to be considered among Arizona’s elite heart care institutions.

Top Heart Care by Specialty

Beyond Arizona’s top heart hospitals overall, patients should consider outstanding cardiology centers specializing in specific areas of care. Heart health spans everything from rhythm anomalies to coronary surgery, requiring tailored solutions.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

For arrhythmias, ablation procedures, pacemakers, and related heart rhythm disorders, many turn to Phoenix Heart Center. Their cardiac EP specialists leverage 3D heart mapping, advanced ablation technologies, remote care monitoring, and ventricular assist options to personalize care.

Cardiac Imaging

Imaging holds increasing importance for accurate heart disease diagnoses, surgery planning, and monitoring. In Arizona, National Imaging Associates offers a standout program using PET scans, CT angiography, MRI, 3D echocardiograms, and more to pinpoint cardiovascular health.

Coronary Intervention

Responding rapidly when blood flow to the heart becomes blocked can prove lifesaving. Banner Baywood Heart Hospital in Mesa excels in emergency cardiovascular care including heart attack response, complex angioplasty, and open heart surgeries aided by robotics when needed.

Heart Surgery

From complex aortic repairs to mitral valve replacement, Phoenix Children’s Hospital garners honors as a top pediatric heart surgery center. With nationally ranked outcomes and volumes nearly triple the average children’s hospital, it provides unparalleled care for kids facing cardiac conditions.

Vascular Surgery

Vascular disease affects arteries alongside the heart, often requiring coordinated cardiology and vascular surgery. Abrazo Heart Hospital in Phoenix stands as a leader in integrated vascular care, leveraging hybrid operating rooms to simultaneously perform open surgeries and endovascular procedures.

Special facilities and services of top heart hospitals in Arizona

Here is an overview table of some of the standout specialty facilities and services offered at Arizona’s top heart hospitals:

Hospital Specialized Facilities & Services
Banner University Medical Center Phoenix ➢ Heart transplant center ➢ Cardiac surgery robotics program ➢ Advanced 3D echocardiogram imaging ➢ PET/CT scan diagnostics ➢ Investigational medical trials
St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center ➢ 24/7 heart emergency teams ➢ Cardiac catheterization labs ➢ Complex stent procedures ➢ Air ambulance transport access ➢ Cardiac rehab services
Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix ➢ Regenerative medicine trials ➢ Cardiac intensive care unit ➢ Cardio-oncology program ➢ Nutrition & spiritual support services ➢ Center for Digital Health innovations
Abrazo Heart Hospital ➢ Hybrid cardiothoracic operating suites ➢ PET/CT imaging ➢ Telemetry monitoring units ➢ Cardiac rehab gym ➢ Peripheral arterial disease program
Phoenix Heart Center ➢ 3D cardiac mapping system ➢ Ablation therapy clinic ➢ Pacemaker/ICD procedures ➢ Cardiac imaging & testing ➢ Remote cardiac monitoring

The cutting-edge diagnostics, advanced surgical options, and specialty clinics at these facilities cater to specific cardiac needs. Support services also aid recovery and sustain long-term heart wellness. Arizona’s top centers leverage the latest tools and research to provide comprehensive, patient-focused cardiology care.

FAQs About Arizona Heart Centers

What Arizona hospital is best for heart surgery?

thanks to advanced robotics applications, high patient volumes, and rigorous quality standards, Banner University Medical Center Phoenix is recognized nationally as Arizona’s best heart surgery hospital.

Which has better cardiac care – St. Joseph’s or Banner?

As the highest-rated heart care hospital statewide, Banner University Medical slightly edges St. Joseph’s program thanks to greater capacity in specialized areas like transplants and leadership in emerging treatments. However, both provide exemplary, comprehensive cardiology services.

Is Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic better for heart health?

Both Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix and Cleveland Clinic heart programs rank among America’s best for cardiology care and surgery. Mayo Clinic tends to score higher for the integration of cutting-edge diagnostics in care plans while Cleveland Clinic paces in remote monitoring innovations.

What hospital has the top pediatric heart surgeons?

Phoenix Children’s Hospital far exceeds national benchmarks for pediatric heart surgery survival rates while also treating higher volumes of complex procedures. Their doctors focus strictly on kids’ anatomy and need to provide unmatched care.

Who are the best cardiologists in Phoenix?

While many exceptional heart doctors practice in Phoenix, Dr. Wyman W. Lai, Dr. Craig D. Barron, and Dr. Benico Barros consistently rank among the metro’s top cardiologists based on research, outcomes reporting, and peer reviews.


Arizona’s leader in total healthcare quality – Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix – appropriately summarizes the state’s capabilities surrounding heart care as well. While reputation commonly looks east to major institutions in Cleveland, Houston, and other larger hubs, Arizona’s best cardiology and cardiovascular surgery programs inspire equal confidence.

Banner University Medical Center Phoenix rightfully claims rankings and results on par with any nationally renowned system. Meanwhile, coordinated care across hospitals like Abrazo and Phoenix Heart Center provides added layers of specialty excellence. Together they will continue pushing heart health progress through research, responsive treatment, and compassionate understanding of cardiac disease impacts on Arizonans’ physical health and mental outlook. Any signs of cardiovascular trouble should begin with a look into these elite home-state options in care.


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