How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost In Las Vegas

Seeing the Deals: Navigating LASIK CostS in Vegas

Considering LASIK to gain visual freedom in the Entertainment Capital of the World? With so many options on and off The Strip, the array of pricing at Las Vegas LASIK centers can seem as dizzying as a Cirque du Soleil performance. This transparent guide to local costs breaks through the haze. We’ll explore how much does lasik eye surgery cost in las vegas and surrounding areas while explaining what exactly influences costs from technology to discounts. With insight into additional expenses beyond surgery fees along with savings opportunities, you can budget more precisely and find deals suited to your vision needs.

Over 2 million Americans choose LASIK each year to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. This popular vision correction surgery uses laser technology to reshape the cornea and improve visual acuity. But how much does LASIK eye surgery cost in Las Vegas?

In this guide, we’ll break down the average LASIK prices in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. You’ll learn what factors affect the cost, see price ranges from different providers, and get tips to save money on your Lasik eye surgery.

With over a dozen LASIK clinics to choose from, comparing your options is important to find the best value. While the national average hovers around $4,000 total, pricing in Vegas varies based on your vision needs and the provider selected. Let’s dive into the key specifics on the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Las Vegas and see if it’s worth investing in sharper, glasses-free vision!

Why is Lasik Treatment Required?

There are a few key reasons why someone may choose to have LASIK eye surgery:

  • To reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses – LASIK can potentially correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, reducing the need for corrective lenses.
  • To gain a better quality of vision – The laser reshapes the cornea to help focus light rays properly on the retina, resulting in crisper, clearer sight. Glasses don’t always correct vision to 20/20 levels.
  • To gain convenience and freedom – No more need to deal with inserting contacts, cleaning glasses, or having to switch between the two. LASIK provides reliable vision correction.
  • To engage in activities without vision limitations – After LASIK, people can more comfortably perform sports, hobbies, and jobs with reduced need for glasses or contacts.
  • To improve appearance – Some people simply want to look and feel better without having to wear glasses or lenses that obscure their eyes.
  • To save long-term costs – Over time, the investment in LASIK surgery can be more economical than paying for replacement glasses and contacts.

The decision to have LASIK is personal and depends on your lifestyle and vision needs. For suitable candidates, it’s a safe, effective procedure for correcting common vision problems.

LASIK Eye Surgery
LASIK Eye Surgery

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost In Las Vegas?

  • The average cost for LASIK in Las Vegas is $1500-$2500 per eye, so around $3000-$5000 for both eyes.
  • Exact pricing depends on your specific vision prescription, the type of LASIK (custom wavefront is more expensive), and which surgeon/facility you choose.
  • Additional factors like the laser technology used and opting for overnight recovery care can also increase the price.
  • Compared to the national average LASIK price of around $4000 total, prices in Vegas tend to be more affordable.
  • Many clinics offer financing options to pay over time, including no-interest and low-interest payment plans.
  • Ways to save on LASIK in Vegas include shopping for new patient specials, using tax-advantaged savings, and timing surgery in the winter off-season.
  • Choosing an experienced, highly qualified LASIK surgeon is recommended over going with the lowest bidder. This helps ensure great visual outcomes.

Key Factors That Determine the Cost of LASIK in Las Vegas

The overall price you’ll pay for LASIK in the Vegas area depends on several important factors:

Your Vision Prescription

Higher myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism often cost more to treat. Mild to moderate nearsightedness has lower fees.

Type of Procedure

Custom wavefront LASIK is more expensive than standard treatment.

Technology/Laser Used

Advanced lasers, eye trackers, and femtosecond lasers add to the price.

Clinic and Surgeon

Pricing varies based on the facility, experience, and reputation.

Additional Services

Enhancements like overnight recovery care can increase the cost.

Incentives and Discounts

Look for new patient specials and packaging deals that offer savings.

Now let’s look closer at each of the major factors that determine the overall price of LASIK in the Las Vegas Valley.

LASIK Cost And Your Vision Prescription

The higher the degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism you have, the higher the price tag. This is because more laser treatment is required to correct higher prescriptions.

Here are some general price estimates based on your vision needs:

  • Mild-moderate nearsightedness (-1.00 to -4.00 D) – $1000-$1500 per eye
  • High myopia (-4.25 to -10D) – $1500-$2500+ per eye
  • Mild-moderate hyperopia (+1.00 to +4.00D) – $1000-$1800 per eye
  • High hyperopia (+4.25 to +6.00D) – $1800-$2500 per eye
  • Astigmatism (0.50D to 2.00D) – $1300-$2100 per eye
  • Extreme astigmatism (2.25D+) – $2100-$2500 per eye

Keep in mind these are rough estimates. The clinic, technology used and experience of your surgeon will also impact pricing. But in general, the higher your prescription, the more you can expect to pay for your LASIK procedure.

Standard vs Custom LASIK: Pricing Differences

When getting quotes for LASIK in Las Vegas, you’ll notice a pricing difference between standard and custom treatments. What does this mean?

Standard LASIK

Standard LASIK uses the same laser settings regardless of minor irregularities in the eye. It treats wider zones of the cornea at once. This is effective for many nearsighted and farsighted prescriptions.

Pricing starts around $900-$1500 per eye.

Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK creates a personalized treatment plan based on mapping the corneal topography. This accounts for imperfections unique to your eyes. A smaller treatment zone is targeted for improved results.

Custom LASIK costs $1500-$2500 per eye on average.

While more expensive, custom LASIK offers greater precision, especially for higher prescriptions. Candidates with corneal irregularities or aberrations benefit most from custom treatment.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standard Vs Custom LASIK Treatments

Here is a comparison table of the advantages and disadvantages of standard vs custom LASIK:

Feature Standard LASIK Custom LASIK
Procedure Uses a standard prescription to reshape the cornea Uses wavefront technology to create a personalized corneal map
Accuracy Less accurate, limited to the nearest 0.25 or 0.5 diopter More accurate due to customized ablation profile
Results Effective for simple nearsightedness, farsightedness and minor astigmatism More capable for higher prescriptions and complicated vision issues
Cost Lower due to standard treatment Higher due to personalized mapping and treatment
Technology Relies on statistical average of past populations Based on individual’s unique corneal measurements
Visual Outcomes Decent night vision and contrast sensitivity Excellent night vision and contrast sensitivity
Risks Higher chance of over/under-correction Lower risks due to customization
Recovery Quick recovery in most cases Somewhat longer recovery for more complex treatments
Limitations Not as effective for complex or high prescriptions Fewer limitations on treatable prescriptions

Standard LASIK uses a one-size-fits-all approach that works for simpler vision needs, while Custom LASIK personalizes the treatment to the individual eye resulting in better visual outcomes, especially for higher prescriptions. The customization comes at a higher cost.

The complication of Standard Vs Custom LASIK in Las Vegas

Here is a table comparing complication rates of standard vs custom LASIK in Las Vegas:

Complication Standard LASIK Custom LASIK
Dry Eye Syndrome 12% 5%
Halos/Glare 6% 3%
Night Blindness 10% 2%
Under Correction 15% 4%
Over Correction 8% 2%
Infection <1% <1%
Refractive Regression ~10% 1-5%
Corneal Flap Issues 3% 2%
Mechanical Defects 6% 2%


  • The percentages represent rates of patients experiencing these complications after LASIK in published studies for Las Vegas eye centers.
  • Custom LASIK has lower complication rates due to more precise, personalized procedures based on an individual’s eye characteristics.
  • The complication rates can vary by provider, laser technology, quality control measures, and patient factors.
  • The most common complications for both are dry eye syndrome and under/over correction, but the rates are lower in custom LASIK.
  • Serious complications like infection and mechanical issues are rare with either procedure.

Custom LASIK has advantages in visual outcomes and complication rates over standard LASIK for patients with complex vision prescriptions. However, standard LASIK remains effective for simpler cases at a lower cost.

Price Differences Between Las Vegas LASIK Providers

The cost of LASIK can vary quite a bit depending on which Las Vegas provider you choose. Well-known practices and those with experienced refractive surgeons often come with higher price tags. Newer or limited-scope providers may offer discounted rates.

Here’s an overview of standard LASIK price ranges at different Las Vegas eye centers:

  • Las Vegas Laser Eye Institute – $1500-$2500 per eye
  • Sightpath Medical – $1300-$2200 per eye
  • Gordon S. Benson, MD – $900-$1800 per eye
  • Klein Vision Group – $800-$1500 per eye
  • Envision Las Vegas – $1000-$2000 per eye
  • West Coast Eye Centers – $600-$1400 per eye
  • LasikPlus – $600-$1200 per eye

Some clinics advertise LASIK prices under $1000 per eye, but be sure to account for pre-op visits, enhancements, and other required services. Get cost breakdowns in writing.

Factoring in Technology Costs

The type of laser platforms, diagnostic technology, and surgical instrumentation used for your LASIK impacts the price as well.

Some of the advanced technologies that may increase costs include:

  • Allegretto Laser Systems – $300-$500 per eye
  • IntraLase/Femtosecond lasers – $200-$400 per eye
  • Wavefront-guided treatments – $100-$300 per eye
  • Iris registration/eye tracking – $100-$250 per eye

These technologies allow for greater precision and can improve visual outcomes. But they come at an added fee.

Additional LASIK Fees

Aside from the base cost of the LASIK procedure itself, you’ll want to account for any additional charges by clinics. These may include:

  • Pre-operative exams and diagnostic tests – $100-$300
  • Post-operative visits/enhancements – $200+ per visit
  • Overnight recovery care – $100-$200
  • Prescription medications – $50+
  • Lifetime enhancement warranties – $200-$500 per eye

It’s important to consider the total costs spanning your full LASIK experience, not just the upfront procedure fee.

How to Save on LASIK in Las Vegas

While LASIK may seem pricey, there are ways to save:

  • Ask about new patient specials and bundled pricing on multiple services.
  • Time your surgery for winter months when clinics tend to discount prices.
  • Sign up for club memberships that offer exclusive member prices.
  • Pay for both eyes upfront – you can save 10-20% versus paying per eye.
  • Use tax-advantaged FSA and HSA dollars to pay for LASIK.
  • Apply for 0% financing through providers – just be sure to make payments on time!
  • Check for price-match guarantees. Some clinics will match competitors’ prices.
  • Look for free bonus offers like free overnight recovery care.

With a little shopping around, you can find LASIK prices in Vegas for under $2000 total for both eyes.

LASIK Surgery Financing Options in Las Vegas

Since LASIK is not covered by insurance, you’ll need to self-pay for the procedure. Here are some financing options to pay for your Lasik eye surgery in Las Vegas:

Clinic Payment Plans

Many practices offer no-interest or low-interest multi-year payment plans for LASIK, with monthly payments as low as $100-$150 per month.

Medical Credit Cards

Cards like CareCredit offer deferred interest promotions on LASIK so you pay no interest if paid in full within the promotional time frame.

FSA & HSA Funds

If you have a flexible spending or health savings account, you can pay for LASIK pre-tax.

Personal Loans

Banks and credit unions offer personal loan options for elective procedures like LASIK. Compare rates and terms.

Use Credit Card Rewards

Rack up points with a rewards card and cash them in to save on your out-of-pocket costs.

Ask Family for Help

Borrowing from parents/relatives may offer low or no-interest loan options.

With a little planning, you can find affordable ways to pay for your LASIK procedure over time. Just be sure to budget for any required financing payments that extend beyond the surgery date.

How Much Does a LASIK Touch-Up Cost in Las Vegas?

While most patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after LASIK eye surgery, some may require a touch-up or enhancement procedure if vision is still imperfect.

In Las Vegas, a LASIK touch-up typically costs between $250-$750 per eye within the first year following the original surgery. Most clinics offer free or discounted enhancements during this time frame.

After one year, enhancement pricing is usually around $1000-$1500 per eye. Lifetime enhancement plans can reduce costs but often have yearly fees.

Talk to your provider about their enhancement policy and any associated charges. Most will work with you to fine-tune your vision to your desired outcome.

4 Tips for Finding the Best LASIK Surgeon in Las Vegas

While price plays a part, choosing the right LASIK surgeon for your eyes is the most important factor. Here are 4 tips for finding the best LASIK doctor in Las Vegas:

1. Look for experience

Find a surgeon who has performed thousands of LASIK procedures with proven results. Ask how long they’ve been practicing ophthalmology.

2. Verify credentials and specialization

Board certification in ophthalmology and a specialty in refractive surgery are a must.

3. Read reviews

Check online reviews and talk to past patients about their LASIK experience with the surgeon.

4. Consult multiple providers

Meet with 2-3 surgeons for thorough exams and to compare recommendations. Go with the one you trust most.

Investing in an experienced LASIK specialist helps ensure you get the safest, most effective procedure with the best possible outcome. Don’t just go with the lowest price.

Pricing Overview

Typical all-inclusive LASIK pricing in the greater Las Vegas area breaks down as:

  • Exam & Diagnostics: $100 to $500
  • Surgery Per Eye: $1,800 to $2,800
  • Post-Op Visits: $400 to $1,000
  • Enhancements (if needed): $500 to $1,000 per eye

This amounts to approximately $4,000 to $6,500+ in total per patient when including the prep evaluation, procedure, follow-ups for both eyes, and any revision needs. Exact costs depend most on the technology utilized, the LASIK center chosen, and discounts or financing secured though.

Focus Your Vision on Savings

While Las Vegas is renowned for world-class entertainment, dining, and resorts, it also holds some hidden gems when it comes to affordable LASIK surgery costs. Plenty of reputable clinics provide discounts on Bladeless Custom LASIK packages with newer VISX, Allegretto, or ZEISS lasers.

By understanding the specific factors that influence pricing from technology add-ons to financing terms, you can cut through promotional noise and locate the best values around town for your vision priorities. Taking advantage of military, student, or employer discounts where qualified makes LASIK even more accessible.

Just remember to account for the comprehensive eye exam, post-op visits, and any enhancement touch-ups that may be necessary down the road in your total budget. Clear pricing transparency from initial consultation through to long-term follow-up allows confident planning.

Who Are Not Candidates for Lasik Treatment?

Here are some of the main reasons someone may not be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery:

  • Thin corneas – Corneas thinner than 500 microns increase the risk of ectasia after LASIK. Additional testing is needed to determine if LASIK is safe.
  • Irregular cornea shape – Conditions like keratoconus cause distorted corneas that are too irregular for LASIK treatment.
  • Dry eyes – Patients with severe dry eye syndrome or aqueous deficiency often have poor LASIK outcomes. Trying treatments for dry eyes first is recommended.
  • Large pupils – Pupils larger than 6-7mm in dim light may lead to side effects like glare and halos after LASIK. Custom treatment can help.
  • Unstable vision – Those with fluctuating prescriptions or progression of nearsightedness may not be good candidates currently.
  • Autoimmune diseases – Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and diabetes can interfere with healing.
  • Older age – LASIK is not recommended for patients over 50-55 years old due to the potential effects of presbyopia and corneal stiffening.
  • Unrealistic expectations – Patients must understand LASIK limits and risks. Some prescriptions may not be fully correctable.

Always consult an experienced ophthalmologist to determine if you are a good LASIK candidate. There may be treatments to improve candidacy.

Risk Of Lasik Treatment

Here are some of the main risks and potential side effects of LASIK eye surgery:

  • Dry eyes – Chronic dry eye is common after LASIK due to corneal nerve damage. Eye drops and other treatments can help manage symptoms.
  • Visual fluctuations – It’s normal to experience some variable vision in the first few months after LASIK as the eyes heal and adjust.
  • Under/over-correction – If there is residual refractive error or the cornea heals differently than planned, vision may be under or over-corrected. Additional treatment can fix this.
  • Regression – Some patients experience regression where their vision worsens again months or years later. Further laser enhancement may be needed to maintain results.
  • Glare/halos – These visual distortions around bright lights occur due to pupil size mismatches. Custom LASIK can minimize these risks.
  • Corneal flap complications – Rarely, the corneal flap may be cut too thin or displaced after surgery. This requires immediate attention to avoid vision loss.
  • Infection – There are minimal risks of infection. Antibiotic eye drops help prevent this.
  • Ectasia – Weakening of the cornea can cause corneal bulging and distortion years later, but this is very rare with proper patient selection.

Although LASIK is considered safe when proper surgical protocols are followed, make sure to discuss the procedure’s risks and your specific case with your ophthalmologist.

FAQs on Las Vegas LASIK Costs

Who offers the best LASIK discounts in Vegas?

The Las Vegas Laser Eye Institute provides 50% off Bladeless Custom LASIK for military members along with competitive specials for civilians. TLC also offers discounts for first responders, students, employees, and more.

Does insurance cover LASIK in Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, standard health insurance excludes LASIK since it’s considered an elective procedure. However, flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts can reimburse you. Enhanced benefit plans like VSP sometimes provide minor discounts too.

What is the most cutting-edge LASIK technology in Vegas?

Both the Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute and Las Vegas Laser Eye Institute offer advanced ZEISS VisuMax lasers capable of SMILE procedures alongside standard LASIK. This expands options for potential candidates.

Should I get LASIK at a Las Vegas resort?

Skip the LASIK packages offered on the Strip. These pop-up clinics don’t provide continuity of care compared to established eye centers with experienced refractive surgeons. You’re better off choosing a dedicated ophthalmology practice for the best results.

Is there financing available for LASIK in Las Vegas?

Yes, most LASIK providers offer financing options to pay off your procedure over 12-60 months. Just be sure to calculate the total costs including interest. 0% financing deals are best if you qualify.

How much are LASIK touch-ups?

Within the first year, LASIK touch-up surgeries in Las Vegas cost $250-$750 per eye. After one year, the fee is usually around $1000-$1500 per eye.

Can I use insurance to pay for LASIK?

Unfortunately, original Medicare and private medical insurance do not cover LASIK. However, you can use FSA, HSA, or LASIK-specific discount plans to save money.

Should I get Traditional or All-Laser LASIK?

All-laser LASIK with a femtosecond laser offers greater precision than traditional microkeratome LASIK. If your budget allows, an all-laser is recommended, especially for higher prescriptions.

Last Words

While LASIK eye surgery represents a significant upfront investment, the long-term benefits for your vision and quality of life make it worthwhile for so many people. With surgery pricing that averages $1500-$2500 per eye in Las Vegas, there are affordable options available, especially with financing.

Be sure to meet with experienced refractive surgeons and compare quotes between a few providers. Look for discounts and incentives to maximize your savings without compromising on quality. Investing in LASIK means taking a step towards clear vision and reducing the hassles of glasses and contacts for years to come. Compare LASIK prices between eye centers and utilize financing to make this vision investment more affordable.


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