Best Maternity Hospitals California

When expecting a baby in California, finding the right hospital for delivery and care is a top priority. The state boasts some of the nation’s premier maternity hospitals, renowned for their high-quality care, cutting-edge services, and top ratings for safety and outcomes. This article covers the Shine Stars – the best maternity hospitals California seeking to give mothers, babies, and families exceptional birthing experiences and starts to new life.

When it comes to welcoming new life, California shines as a premier state for maternity care with numerous hospitals striving to deliver exceptional births and support healthy families. Many facilities across the Golden State specialize in innovative women’s and infant services – from low-intervention to high-risk deliveries. For example, Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach enables water immersion options with an integrative whole-person focus. Meanwhile, California Hospital Medical Center incorporates midwives while advancing care for complex pregnancies in downtown Los Angeles. Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns constitutes another top choice as San Diego’s largest childbirth facility. Further north, UC Davis Medical Center integrates leading research with a “couplet care” model keeping healthy moms and babies together in Sacramento. Whether pursuing natural childbirth or facing high-risk factors, these distinguished hospitals provide the full spectrum of maternity, postpartum, and nursery care to nurture new life. Their comprehensive services aim to assure bright futures right from birth for all across the nation’s most populous state.

List Of The Best Maternity Hospitals California

UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

As one of the top-ranked hospitals in California, UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco earns its reputation for both general care and maternity services. The UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals have two campuses serving Northern California for advanced specialty pediatric care, while the UCSF Medical Center campus handles a high volume of complex deliveries along with routine births annually.

Key features that make UCSF Medical Center a leading maternity hospital include:

  • Level I rating from the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, indicating the ability to care for high-risk pregnancies
  • Top 1% rating nationwide for gynecology and neonatology care from U.S. News & World Report
  • Cutting-edge fetal treatment options and pregnancy care for complex medical conditions
  • Specialized services like midwifery, doula support, childbirth education, lactation help and support groups

In 2020, UCSF Medical Center handled over 5,600 deliveries, which include everything from completely natural childbirths to highly complex caesarean sections and extremely pre-term births. The experienced maternal-fetal medicine specialists handle the full spectrum of care.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center offers Los Angeles families compassionate, personalized maternity care in a modern, family-centered setting. As a non-profit academic healthcare organization serving the broader community, Cedars-Sinai prioritizes the mother/baby bond with skin-to-skin moments right after delivery when possible.

What sets Cedars-Sinai as one of the preferred maternity hospitals in California includes:

  • Top 1% ranking nationally in Gynecology according to U.S. News & World Report
  • Level IV NICU providing extremely high-levelcritical care for at-risk infants
  • Over 5,200 deliveries annually plus extensive maternity research programs
  • Holistic services like acupuncture, home visits, counseling, classes and lactation support

The Cedars-Sinai Labor and Delivery center takes an integrated approach – with OB/GYNs, pediatricians, midwives, nurses and lactation consultants united on location to give babies the best possible start. Staff get to know families on an individual basis through the journey.

Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach

Hoag Hospital has two campuses in Orange County that deliver advanced maternity services with a gentle, personalized touch. The hospitals handle over 7,000 births per year and provide complete care from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond.

Highlights of Hoag Hospital as a premier maternity facility encompass:

  • Among just 5% of hospitals to achieve Stage 7 in the state maternal care database
  • Only hospital in Orange County offering water immersion options for delivery
  • High patient satisfaction ratings for quality of care and patient experience
  • Specialized staff including Maternal-Fetal Medicine subspecialists and neonatal intensivists

Hoag prioritizes cutting-edge treatment of complex pregnancies, along with patient education, lactation support and attention to mothers’ comfort and preferences during the birth process. The hospital takes a mind/body approach and offers complementary therapies to support natural childbirth when possible.

California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles

Part of the Prime Healthcare system, California Hospital Medical Center provides advanced maternity care in downtown Los Angeles. The hospital takes on high-risk pregnancies that require specialized treatment while also ensuring excellent outcomes for healthy births.

Reasons why California Hospital Medical Center shines for maternity care encompass:

  • Ranks among top Los Angeles hospitals and #20 nationally for Gynecology
  • Partners with University of Southern California for fetal treatment program
  • Employs intensive Safe Starts program to reduce incidence of pre-term births
  • Takes integrated, holistic approach to births with midwives program

In addition to obstetricians overseeing deliveries, California Hospital Medical Center provides 24/7 anesthesia specialists on site along with NICU care. However, when possible, moms and babies stay together after birth for optimal bonding and breastfeeding support. The hospital also offers childbirth classes, lactation consultants and family-centered postpartum care.

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, San Diego

Delivering more than 8,500 babies per year, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital serves as San Diego’s largest health system dedicated solely to the healthcare of women and newborns. The hospital provides complete pregnancy and delivery services focused on healthy outcomes, patient safety and family-centered care.

Reasons why Sharp Mary Birch leads maternity hospitals in its region include:

  • Among just 1% of hospitals certified in both advanced maternal and neonatal ICU care
  • Level III NICU with capacities for the most critically ill or premature infants
  • Comprehensive center solely dedicated to healthcare for women and children
  • High patient satisfaction scores and health outcomes better than state/national averages

Sharp Mary Birch offers a wide array of maternity services encompassing everything from lactation and childbirth preparation to fertility assistance. However, the hospital’s specialty lies in caring for mothers with high-risk pregnancies and babies requiring intensive care immediately after birth. The experienced nurses and physicians provide compassionate support through all phases of pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento

Serving families across Northern California, UC Davis Medical Center provides maternity care grounded in science and compassion. The hospital handles over 4,000 births per year and houses a 56-bed Level IV NICU for sick or premature newborns requiring intensive treatment.

Reasons why UC Davis Medical Center excels in maternity care encompass:

  • Magnet-designation for nursing excellence delivering quality patient outcomes
  • Specialized center devoted to advancing women’s healthcare
  • Use of “couplet care” allowing healthy moms and babies to stay together
  • Breastfeeding support, including donor milk for infants in intensive care

UC Davis prioritizes an integrative approach from obstetrics to midwifery to women’s health specialties. The hospital also engages closely with patients to accommodate personal birth plans when possible and offer options like hydrotherapy and nitrous oxide for pain relief. Above all, UC Davis focuses care plans on the safety of mom and baby.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

Providing maternity services grounded in scientific evidence, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center delivers compassionate care in a healing environment. UCLA houses top-ranked healthcare across specialties, and particularly shines for gynecology and neonatal intensive care.

Highlights of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center’s maternity services include:

  • Among top-rated hospitals in California for Gynecology and Neonatology
  • Cutting-edge surgical options for complex pregnancies and critically ill newborns
  • Over 3,500 deliveries annually plus extensive research programs
  • Use of SimMom simulations to train clinical staff on complications
  • Holistic support services like doulas, acupuncture, yoga and support groups

The UCLA maternity hospital offers 24 private labor rooms including hydrotherapy options to support natural childbirth. However, its true specialty lies in advanced care for expecting mothers with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, transplants and heart conditions along with critically ill or extremely preterm babies. UCLA’s top perinatal specialists work across divisions to give tiny infants with underdeveloped lungs or complex conditions the best possible outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions on California’s Best Maternity Hospitals

What should I look for in a good maternity hospital?

Key aspects to research in top maternity hospitals include safety ratings, levels of neonatal and labor/delivery care to handle complications, patient satisfaction scores, range of childbirth options and holistic support services. Also look for designations like Magnet status for nursing excellence.

What features make for the best birthing experience?

Comfort measures like spacious private rooms, accommodations for birth plans and pain relief choices such as hydrotherapy, nitrous oxide and acupuncture create positive birthing experiences. Hospitals focused on family-centered care with skin-to-skin contact after delivery also prioritize optimal bonding and breastfeeding.

Why choose a specialty maternity hospital over a general hospital?

Dedicated women’s and children’s hospitals have staff and facilities specially equipped for childbirth and newborns. For mothers with high-risk pregnancies or babies needing critical care, specialty hospitals provide lifesaving treatment not always available in community settings.

How do California maternity hospitals handle high-risk pregnancies?

Through Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialty care, California’s top maternity hospitals address issues like gestational diabetes or hypertension in pregnancy. Advanced testing identifies problems early when possible. For major complexities, hospitals offer leading-edge fetal surgery in-utero plus emergency delivery capabilities around the clock.

What happens if my baby needs neonatal intensive care?

Leading maternity hospitals have high-level NICUs equipped to care for very early, underweight or critically ill babies. These provide incubator care, breathing support, IV nutrition and more until babies gain strength. Staff help families navigate the intensive care process, with private rooms for nursing moms. Hospitals assist families even after discharge with case management follow-up, support groups and programs to help monitor child development.


For California families seeking exceptional maternity hospitals, numerous options provide welcoming environments, innovative services and stellar outcomes. Facilities like UCSF Benioff, Cedars-Sinai and Ronald Reagan UCLA particularly excel at high-risk, complex pregnancies and critically ill newborns needing intensive treatment. Meanwhile, moms desiring natural childbirth find leading choices in Hoag Hospital Newport Beach and Sharp Mary Birch’s San Diego campus. Across measures, California shines as a premier state for maternity hospitals catering care and support to both mothers and babies. Above all, these outstanding facilities help babies begin life’s journey with the brightest futures possible.


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